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noun- one of two or more available possibilities.

The most common beehive in the United States is known as the Langstroth Hive.  We at small farm life believe in the alternatives. The Warre Hive, with its smaller boxes and concept of nadiring instead of supering,  and the Top Bar Hive, these reduce the amount of weight the beekeeper needs to lift to do simple inspections and simplify beekeeping. These two types of hives address several of the downfalls of the Langstroth in different ways. Learn more here.



Among the many options to provide a meat source. The rabbit comes to the top of the list for many reasons. They need very little space, they have a simple diet (plants, grass, alfalfa or store bought pellets). The meat is very lean. You can also use the fur. but one thing that sets them apart is how much meat you can steadily produce. Rabbits breed like, well, rabbits. they multiply very quickly. One pair of rabbits can produce 200+ lbs of lean meat in one year. Learn more from our blog posts.



Everybody knows about chickens as a farm animal. These birds are indispensable. They not only provide protein rich eggs for your benefit, but once they are done laying eggs, they become a different source of protein...meat! Chickens are also very healthy for the garden, they scratch up the soil, supplying air deeper into the ground. They also eat the bad bugs, like slugs that destroy your vegetables. the chickens love to eat grasshoppers as well. chickens also will eat almost any of your table scraps too. making use of that old meatloaf that no one appears to be eating. Chickens are good around beehives too. by eating the bugs that could be harmful to the bees and clearing the area around so that the bees can get into and out of the hive. Learn more about chickens on our blog.



The Garden is the keystone to self-reliance.  You could live on just meat for a while but you will develop scurvy after long periods of time without greens. Lack of vitamins and minerals is detrimental to ones health. The garden provides fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals for you to add to your everyday diet.  As much as you don't want to admit it, vegetables are absolutely essential to your survival.

Warre Beehive
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Warre Beehive
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We manufacture Warre style hives, and Top bar hives. 


beehive accessories

Let us spoil the beekeeper in your life with accessories to make their hobby even more enjoyable. Also to help keep the honeybees healthy and happy.



Rabbits are by far the easiest source of meat to care for.  They also require so little space any backyard or urban farmer can raise rabbits. check out our Hutch plans, cages and blog posts.



We enjoy our chickens, we like that they eat bugs from the garden and that they give us delicious eggs. We talk about chicken things on our blog and sell coop plans.

It’s honestly better quality than some well known brands that I’ve seen that sell for way more
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